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My Dice Silverline Duo Review (Radio harness tested with iPhone 4)

I installed the unit this friday. It took me about 2 hours. (I have never taken the e46 dash apart at this point) The dash/radio removal was very easy if you follow the DIYs. The only issue I had was fitting the harness behind the radio. After cutting my hand countless times and trimming the plastic connector I managed to get it fit without cutting the central vent support. Keeping in mind I have installed countless sound systems, I found this a huge pain in the but to do. I would definitely recommend getting the trunk harness. It does take a little bit longer but you will not be as frustrated and cut up.

The Good:
Sounds great, only a small amount of noise. I can only hear it when the phone is not playing any music and the volume is fairly high.
Ability to control the iPhone through the steering wheel. I was surprised that I was able to control third part applications such as Steamtome.
The interface is very good considering what they had to work with.

The Bad:
Esthetically the unit feels VERY cheap. The insides of the unit rattled. I had to open it and stuff in a small peace of foam to prevent it.
I feel that the input connector on the unit will break off if the cable is plugged in more than 10x. It has a good amount of play.
The Ipod cable is overly thick. The connector is monstrous. It will not fit with many cases. I am hoping they did this for durability. Time will tell.
Sometimes gets stuck in a weird mode Ipod is unlocked and doesn't let you control the radio
Initially when connected to a iphone it thinks it is a video out so the steering wheel controls dont work. This is remedied by unplugging the iphone and plugging it back in again.

Update: A few weeks into the install. I placed the unit in the glove box for easy access for firmware updates. A few days ago the device stopped working. I had a look at it and one of the wires broke off the connector. I have contacted Dice about a replacement radio wire. I doubt they will sell me one.

In conclusion. The device barely does what is stated. If your vehicle is able to use the standard aux in I would use that. The construction of the whole device is worse than some eBay knock offs I have purchased. Do not mount the device where the wires will have play such as the glove box.

I would not purchase this device again.
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