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Originally Posted by RuS-uk View Post
i searched realoem with my VIN and it came up with these 3 options (330ci 2001 cab)


is this the ZM box?

i have this no reverse issue, when i put it in Reverse the revs drop a little but the car goes nowhere, and when in D it works but makes like a thump when it engages the gear.

Also the car is in Limp mode with the cog in the dash! this happened when i fitted HIDs! lol i just wanted to know if the transmission ecu is locked to each individual car or if second hands ones can be fitted plug n play!

I actually have complete gearbox fail, wtf!!! please help!
The 325Z is the ZF, the 360R and 390R are the GM. Part of the confusion here is that 325Z, 360R, and 390R are the BMW designations for the various transmissions used on their cars. The actual transmission model is more commonly used in the discussions of the problems that each of them has.

The 390R is not supposed to have the No Reverse problem that the 360R has.

You should have the ZF gearbox in your 330.
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