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Reedo, well said, and I agree with a lot of your recommendations. I'm former Military and currently have my CCW with the state of Colorado- which as a side note the laws here state that you shall never be faced with a situation where you feel "backed against a wall" and with regard to fear for your life situations are exempt from civil and criminal liability (which is good for us defending our homes) but I won't go into the whole legal talk my gun-store owning friend who teaches CCW classes states, like you said, boring. I will say this though, the Galco 1919 IWB holster I have for my Springfield GI Champion 1911 is a bit tight and took quite a few instances of draw and holster to "loosen" it so I could draw faster. I can testify that with lots of practice you can get quick enough to draw in less than a second, and my favorite drill is the "reaching for my wallet draw" that I practice routinely. CCW is a wonderful and massive responsibility, but sometimes NOT drawing your weapon is the best action you can take (prime example is the shooting in AZ a few months back: people in panic always identify who was shooting, not who was shooting justly).
And I agree, shooting at paper from a stationary unprotected position is one thing, moving, using cover, and shooting at a moving, human target is quite another. As always, be safe out there!
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