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Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post
he's about 5 months late in the application process. in any case, i checked my columbia alumni network... t. rowe price, TD ameritrade, credit agricole and credit suisse still have positions listed there. have him call HR directly, a lot of times people drop last minute. why isn't he seeing an adviser at tulane for this?

EDIT: also, try credit card companies: AMEX, Visa, Barclaycard... all offer much less competitive internships.
Thanks for the help...yeah i don't know what his adviser is doing but im just trying to help him out if I can. I know hes way late. He actually has a phone interview with T. rowe beginning of next week, I'll tell him to call HR of the other places ASAP. Credit Card companies are another good idea..thanks.

Originally Posted by Dskinn91 View Post
sounds reasonable!!

whats ur shops name?? i might come in with the girl soon
Blue Point Crab House...were carry out me when your coming one day ill pick you out awesome crabs.

Originally Posted by fayraree View Post
I work at BoA...will check it out but yeah, it's pretty late in the game.
Any help is appreciated..thanks.

Originally Posted by imolazhp_ci View Post
also, since you're in baltimore, most banks have smaller offices in wilmington, de. he can try for one of those too.
Definitely have him check it out.

Originally Posted by Lusticles View Post
Not necessarily a 'financial institution' but the Department of the Treasury always has available internships.
Actually though maybe not, since congress really screwed up the budget for us. It may depend on the department. Still SIGTARP may.
Ill tell him to look into it. He supposed to talk to somebody on the budget committee soon or something, i'm not sure but ill have him figure it out ha.
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