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Alright... I ended up replacing the alternator as well after old Bosch alternator paired with new regulator (removed from new Autozone alternator) resulted in failure on Autozone's and Kragen's tester.

I don't know how much stock to put in Autozone/Oreilly testing (because the persons testing the alternators at these locations also initially showed the new alternator paired with new regulator to have failed in their testers. The Autozone guy was eventually able to show that the new alternator I had purchased from them, actually passing in their tester.)

Now that I have the alternator installed, and the car is back on the road again, I'm noticing a slight wheezing sound that seems to be coming from the alternator. I know it's not the belts or pulleys , as I replaced them with genuine OEM parts just a couple of months ago.

1) Has anyone else using the Duralast alternator experienced a slightly different sound (compared to when Bosch/Valeo alternator was installed) from their car when engine is revved?

2) Those who have a Duralast alternator installed... what has been your experience thus far in terms of durability? I know that Autozone gives Lifetime Warranty, but I'd rather not open the car apart to replace yet another alternator.

Thanks in advance!

2002 330i
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