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loss of power untill warm.

Come on guys help me out. I posted a few weeks ago about a loss of power issue. No other posts i have found seem to relate. 2001 316i 1895cc. Car starts and idles ok. If i let the car idle for 10 mins then set off, all is good. If i set off straight away the car has no power, and will not rev above approx 2000 revs. If i splutter along for half a mile or so, it will clear and run ok. Emissions light is on, pipes under the bonnet appear to be in good nick. Engine note deepens 5 to 10 seconds after starting. I know this is the baby of the gang, i expected good economy, not so, 25mpg.... could have bought a more stimulating motor if the mpg didn`t matter. Your thoughts please!
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