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I dropped my M3 off last night at Sansossio for a bit of cosmetic body work. Getting both bumpers repainted. Having a 1 piece CF front lip spoiler installed. Having the front bumper reflectors removed and plastered over. Having a few dents PDR'd. Can't wait to have all those blemishes gone. They would always annoy the hell out of me when I washed the car or took pictures of her.

I've got a CF rear diffuser coming in the next few weeks as well as new exhaust tips. I think that'll be it as far as appearance mods go.

I had ordered new wheels but the lead time on them was too long, so I canceled that order and that money is now going towards the above mentioned paint job. The wife mentioned last night that maybe I should use my upcoming bonus to buy the wheels, but now I'm thinking I'll live with the OEMs. Gotta save the bonus to buy a new winter ride. The truck's about had it.

Oh, and still loving the ride on the BC coilovers. Still on the fence about getting new sway bars.
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