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Hi everyone,

I has been a while, however I have finally made some progress on my problem with the gear box. I managed to get inpa working. Cleared codes last night and drove to work this morning (got same issue with gear lighting up and very rough gear changes). Anyway, got to work and checked my laptop and here is what i got:

CDKLM 2783 - Hot-film air mass meter

Error rate: 1
Logistics: 40

Mileage: 53130 km
Motor speed: 2240.00 min
Intake air temperature (Tan): 19.50 degrees C
DK angle rel. DK-on connections. (wdkba): 40.40% DK
ADC HFM (adhfm): 1.63 V

Signal above threshold or a short circuit to positive test conditions met
Error not occurred so far
Error would not cause a warning lamp lights up

Error Code: 01 27 83 01 01 01 28 14 C1 38 5A 67 53 FF FF FF

Note: Google translator deciphered it for me

When I was buying my car check light was on. So I got my dealer to fix it. I think he just took MAF from one of this other cars (318 sedan i think it was) and put it in this one. Check light went away though. So I'm not sure if this is referring to the same unit.

My real question is would this cause gear box to behave the way it is?
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