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Originally Posted by JudgeSmails View Post
Anyone here collect or cellar/age beers? I have a few stashed to age that I purchased warm, but the beer stores around me mostly sell everything out of the cooler. Is it bad to buy a cold beer that I age at cellar temperature (say 55-65 degreees) for 6 months or a year?

Side note - one of the types of saved beers I have is the Stone Vertical Epic from 2009. The suggestion is to age it until 2012, but I have a half case of the 22 oz bottles so the other day I said 'screw it' and drank one. Holy flavor explosion! Sooooo gooooooooood.....
I have a ton of beers cellaring right now. Some as new as last year, some as old as 1968. Higher-alcohol bottle conditioned beers (ie beers carbonated naturally in the bottle with yeast) are typically the best beers to age.

In theory, being in a cooler can stall the yeast and prevent them from working their magic during aging. This is the argument that some people use against putting beer in a cooler.

In practice, it will age just fine. Yeast are resilient little buggers. Elgood's Flag Porter is brewed with yeast recovered from a ship that sank in 1825.

If the yeast can survive over 150 years inside of a bottle in the bottom of the ocean, then a week or two in the cooler won't hurt them.

Just my $0.02
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