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Originally Posted by JudgeSmails View Post
Anyone here collect or cellar/age beers? I have a few stashed to age that I purchased warm, but the beer stores around me mostly sell everything out of the cooler. Is it bad to buy a cold beer that I age at cellar temperature (say 55-65 degreees) for 6 months or a year?

Side note - one of the types of saved beers I have is the Stone Vertical Epic from 2009. The suggestion is to age it until 2012, but I have a half case of the 22 oz bottles so the other day I said 'screw it' and drank one. Holy flavor explosion! Sooooo gooooooooood.....
Definitely no problem buying them cold. Most beers that age well are high ABV, high hop, high malt beers that are very resilient.

I usually buy a few of the Stone Vertical's for that exact reason. A couple to consume and a couple to age.
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