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I used a 12 volt car battery. I fused the Positive lead with a 15 amp fuse as a 10 amp fuse instantly blew. The 15 amp fuse never blew out. I believe the 60G plug draws 10.5 amps. It worked well for about 10 minutes, which allowed me to find my leak. Not sure how the plug died. I just figure it's not meant for constant 12 volt duty.

I will try to rig up something better in the future. I don't like the glow plug sticking up from the bottom as you have to prop the can up on something. Mine tipped over a few times on me. Maybe it was rough handling that ruined the plug. I want to try and use an automotive cigarette lighter element on my next try. Not sure if the lighter is safe for constant duty.
Check with the truck guys, but I think it's a 10V plug or such. Do a Google search for 'continuous duty glow plug' for more info.
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do you park near poodles?
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