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Originally Posted by mbozz93 View Post
I think you are right about my engine model, I'm pretty sure it is a M43
I'm sending my car to another mechanic who is more experienced with BMW's :s
Was the CCV expensive to replace?

BTW, Sweet additions to your bimmer!
You know what, I just realized ... you live in Townsville ... 100kms south of me ...

I'm meeting a mate from Townsville thats a member here tomorrow afternoon, he runs a 323 but ... I work every day but next week Wednesday is my RDO and I'm coming down to Tville to get my Rack Rebuilt and a full alignment done, then I'm going over to Hi Flo Exhausts to see how much it's gonna cost me to get some custom headers made to suit my exhaust ... I could bring my code reader and we can meet up and pull some codes if you want ...

And ty

Just took a look at your photos, she looks nice, definitely an M43 cuz it's a pre-facelift, same as mine.

You look like your a rich ***** On the new development on the hill at Mission Beach right?? Nice place

But yeah, mine did the same thing about 5 weeks after getting it, turned out to be my CCV Valve ...

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