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I want to say Lakers and Celtics, but with all of the Lakers problems (lost Blake, possibly lose Bynum/Barnes) and the way the Celtics have been playing it's looking doubtful. All the trades the Celtics made kind of messed up the great team they had before.

I've had high hopes for the Bulls and Thunder for a while now, but they're still semi fresh teams with very little playoff experience. I'm thinking the Bulls momentum will carry them though.

The Heat are hard to say. Will Lebron choke? If he does, can Wade still carry them? Or Lebron might just explode to prove to everyone he can hold his own when it comes to the playoffs.

I'm personally rooting for Lakers, Thunder and Bulls. If Blake/Barnes/Bynum don't come back (that's our big man and half the bench.. we're left with Odom and Brown and Brown isn't that great, he just puts on a good show which isn't going to get us anywhere) I'm definitely siding with the Bulls.

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