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Originally Posted by mtl330ci View Post
i was told that this was completely normal and that my original dye was actually acting/creating this grain like texture and not the leather itself ...???
Actually that depends upon the part of the cow used. And yes, certain tanning proccess do use chemicals that bunch up the "nap" creating a texture (think of dried skin). But it wasn't the dye, it was another chemical in the process to give the texture. A smooth leather jacket starts out that way. Same with a "rawhide" leather belt - smooth. One doesn't take leather with grain and then smooth it.

If it was the dye, then your dye would have put that texture right back. So in a way they're right, but in a way they're wrong.

Personally I don't like the smooth finish but adding the texture to begin with adds cost (of course). I Like the texture - gives it character.

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