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Originally Posted by mbozz93 View Post
WOW, thanks for your offer, but I've already got a mechanic looking at it atm
Do you service your car yourself
I am a newb when it comes to mechanic's

Haha, I wish i was a rich #$&!
Im am only young and in uni, so i am pretty poor

Do you know how much the CCV cost ya?
Oh and I got my car from a private seller.
Damn ... with a Dealer you get a Mandatory Statutory warranty ... not with private but ...

I have recently started servicing my car by myself, I'm doing one this weekend.

Most faults and repairs however I do myself. Mechanics isn't so hard, if you follow a DIY, it's just like tying your shoes. (You can tie your shoes right??? )

I actually don't know how much the CCV cost me cuz I bought mine from Pickerings and it played up so I got it repaired under the Statutory Warranty. If you don't want to wait long, David from Parts at BMW in Townsville could get you one within a day or two, otherwise you can get it HEAPS cheaper (usually half the price if not less), still Genuine BMW from Mike @ you can actually find him on here, hes an EXCELLENT bloke with top service and a can do, always willing to help attitude. Price is the best I've seen too ... his E-mail is ATT it to Mike.

Just let me know if you need a hand with it, as I said I'll be in Townsville on the 20th, then again on the 4th of next month ... getting my Rack rebuilt and a full Alignment done on the 20th and Injectors cleaned on the 4th of next month ...
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