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Im selling the car for $2000 what the hell do you expect, if it was a perfectly working car I would be selling it a lot more. And your just mad cuz you offered $1400 for the car which is low ballinggggg to the max but you kind of forgot to mention that thats why you didnt buy it cuz I would sell it to you for that price.

the 2 driver side windows are the regulator cable (easy fix)
the radio is because of a blown fuse, it has been replaced and works now.
airbag light is on because of a faulty pasangers side seatbelt tensionor (hasnt bothered me)
check engine light is on because of the custom straight pipe exhaust
power steering works dont know what your talking about on that one
car was not hit while in my possesion but received a full resparay as the color was worn over the years.
rear bumper fitment is a lil off cuz int an OEM m3 bumper on a sedannnn
and front bumper fitment is a 8.5/10

Basically long story short is you tried lowballing me with a $1400 offer and me providing you with free towing and after I said no you have a hissy fit about it. nice one

Originally Posted by 04yfz View Post
I went to see this car yesterday, I would have bought this car for asking price if it was as described. I will save others the trip if theyre looking for an otherwise perfect car besides the tranny issue. Other things wrong with it are:

2 drivers side windows don't work, I believe one needs a regulator the other one has a bad motor or something similair
Radio/nav did not power up and is loose in the faceplate. seller said it was a blown fuse but that's a simple fix so I'm not sure if thats the full story
Airbag light is on
Check engine light is on
power steering does not seem to work
Car was definitely hit or repainted in the rear (both quaterpanels had masking marks near the trunk) and rear side window trim was held on by a sheetrock screw
Rear driver side door was dinged to hell
hoot fitment was off
Bumper fitment was way off on rear and ok on front
Front engine cover had blue sealant where the gasket goes

Tranny is definitely shot, it does not catch at all
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