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Originally Posted by Sam 330ci View Post
Well, as it happens when my car went up on the lift they discovered . . .

. . . both rear shocks are blown!

I'm curious as this could be, considering my Bilsteins were purchased NEW last summer and installed professionally!

So I called my friends at Turner Motorsport where I got them and it appears as though they'll be covered under warranty. Just need to swap out some rear shocks (and maybe buy some new pads & rotors while I'm up in Amesbury . . . ) and I'll be back to BPG for an alignment.

Ahhh these cars. Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em . . .
fool, you should have just gone with OEM. This isn't the first story I've heard about bilsteins going bad quickly.. and I just don't get it, they're made in Germany, so they have to be good, they come as standard equipment on tons of Benzies, but when you put them on a BMW, they sh it the bed quickly.

Take the shocks I just took out of my car for example. I replaced all of my shocks at about 80K-90K miles because I thought one of the fronts was bad. I still think it might be good and was just the FCAB's torturing my ride. I sourced an entire set of used OEM sachs shocks with 66K miles on them for $75 shipped to my house. These went in, and were just replaced with new OEM sport shocks from my Turner kit. Those shocks that now had a total of 66K miles (if the seller was actually being honest) plus anolther 60K miles because I am at 140K now, still look decent other than some surface rust around the outer part of the shock. They still rebound ok and appear to be in good working condition. That's 140K miles or more on a set of OEM sport shocks.

so the moral of the story is.... just get some OEM sachs sport shocks if you can. Get your Bilstein replacements from Turner, tell them not to install them (unless they need to actually remove the beat ones from your car first to use your warranty), sell the new Bilsteins for cake, and buy some new OEM Sachs sport shocks, plus you can buy 5 bags of dogfood for that pooch of yours with the leftover cash.
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