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Originally Posted by mtl330ci View Post
5- Apply a water based leather conditioner with a lint free cloth let dry for at least 30 min and then lightly buff it out to a shine. I used Zelikovitz leather conditioner and was very pleased with the results.

6- You are now ready to apply the top coat finish again using an airbrush ( 2-3 coats should suffice waiting approx 30-40 between coats). I used Zelikovitz top coat matt finish just make sure you properly shake the bottle before using. The top coat is probably the most important part of the re-dye process as it protects the leather and gives it that factory look leather finish!!!
Glad I found this thread. I gather that the top matte coat was able to bond to the conditioner? When I think of a conditioner, I think of something that is oil based.

Would you have any pictures of the seat with and without the matte surface?

Did you thin the paint? If so - how much?

I'm in the middle of my own project now. I'm prepping the leather by using lacquer thinner to remove most of the old factory paint on the leather (its paint not dye=]). I used a scrub pad. I did notice some lose of grain but do notice that the leather still retained it.

I'm going to use leatherique to soften the leather before i begin painting with an air gun.

Would love to hear your opinions.


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