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Originally Posted by e46rage View Post
We have 2 Resonaters on the 330vi correct ? Will removing one be to loud ?

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yes they have 2. one is your cat(closest to the engine) and the other is just a resonator(closest to your tips). If you wanna go louder and still have some performance, i'd go with headers. But if your lookin for a cheap way to make it louder, take out the resonator.
Here's what w0w's car sounded like without a resonator or muffler...

keep in mind that it's a 323i and your car will probably be louder and meatier then that bc you have a 330.

Originally Posted by Little Dragon View Post
After watching this video, makes me not want to get a muffler delete anymore.
Not sure which model this is, but I have a feeling my 325i will sound somewhat similar =(

Don't like the rasp.
Anyone have a video of a 325i muffler delete?

Nevermind, after watching some more videos of a 325ci, I am again convinced to do this.
After exams it'll hopefully get done.
that video is of a 325i and the sound quality sucks on that vid so dont go by it. Here's another video of a muffler delete on a 325i

and 325i and 323i have similar engines which means the sound would be similar. So videos of either or would work..

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