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I had some free time today to finally look at the output of the headlights with the E30 clear lenses installed. I'll just say this: if you're going to retrofit p46s, do not use the p46 projectors' mounting points as a guide for your own mounting points

Solidjake actually posted his friend's new p46 headlights showing that the beams are crooked. I think this is a problem with all p46 headlights and is not as noticeable since the light output is turrible on them.

With the clear lenses, it is clear (hah) that the driver side needs CW rotation and the passenger side needs CCW rotation. Each by a few degrees, probably equal amounts, but opposite in direction. Now it's confirmed that I need to redo the rotation on the projectors. Easy fix, but still, it's a pain in the ass and not what I was expecting since I pretty much mounted the RX330 projectors at the same angle as the p46 projectors. Aside from the rotation, though, the cutoffs are looking mighty nice with tons of color and great sharpness and width throughout the beam.

High beams on:

Driver side:

Passenger side:

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