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quick question...i have ebay headers, no cats and no 2nd resonator but a stock muffler on my 323i. it sounds like an m3 when i floor it but not as loud as CAI is louder than the exhaust. the muffler shop suggested removing the other resonator to add better sound. Will it sound like crap if i do that or what can i expect from it? i was thinking of putting the 2nd resonator back on and going with a borla muffler but idk what to do. i like how my exhaust is quiet like stock with a little bass to it if i drive normally and when i floor it, it opens up. what kind of setup should i get to achieve the same thing? my car is completely stock on the outside, so i dont want an exhaust system that is ear shattering, but i want something that has a nice tone to it without being too loud.

this is what it sounds like now...



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