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Originally Posted by trizzuth View Post
In other news, is it me, or do you all feel the same way?

When the temps are warm, but still cool, about 50-60 degrees, it seems like the sweet spot for my 330. She just seems to run so perfectly at that temperature for some reason and purrs like a kitten and seems to pull all day long through the RPM range..

anyone else ever notice this? When it's cold, or too hot, it's not the same experience. Maybe it's just because I am most happy around those temps. hmmmmm.
I'm with ya. I think it's for a couple reasons.
1) At those temps it's finally turning into a nice spring so I'm in a better mood anyway and my summer rubber has been applied. Driving is fun again.
2) Cool air is great for your car. You probably already know that cool air is denser and hold more oxygen for your car to burn through. A little colder is good too, but you need to balance of warm enough for good rubber and cold enough to make the car happy.
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