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Yes, the drop in the front, for me, is just right. When my stepsons ZHP is parked next to my 330 my car is approx 1/2" lower overall which is exactly what I was looking for. The H and R kit was a total bolt on. While I was at it I also installed the strut plates which you can get from our sponsors ( I got mine from Turner..only cost about $10 each). The ride quality is excellent, even my wife likes it and that says a lot. I would say it is comparable to the ZHP ride quality and certainly not as stiff as an M3 which I didn't want. I am not sure about mating the ZHP package to the H and R springs as this starts to get complicated in a hurry e.g. spring rates etc. which helps make the case for buying a matched set.

Lastly, when I first did this mod I was running 17x8 wheels with 40mm offset and 45 series tires all around. I have since gone to 18x8 front and 18x9 rear wheels with 40 series tires and found no difference in ride quality although this may have to do with the 18" wheels being lighter than the ones I took off but my point is the H and R Touring Cup package is very versitile.

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