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Originally Posted by BimmersGarage View Post
Wicked photos and the "vader paint" mods are looking like they are coming along great!

But, what's the deal with the dumper(s) being part of your shoot?
I understand the grunge-industrial look... However, that trashy dumpster needs to be nixed, ASAP.
i took some photos at the same location earlier when the car was stock, and i went back to take some updated pics but it was set up differently when i went back. Thanks for the compliments though.

Originally Posted by Engage View Post
WOW! Just saw this thread...even I may move out of the way if I see your car coming up in the rear view mirror.
thanks, ive been noticing alot of cars moving out of my way recently

Originally Posted by ///Mostarac View Post
because he's sending you guys the message that his car belongs with dumpsters...

hahahah jk rich
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