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Originally Posted by Adamo99 View Post
Just a quick note about the M&P- yes, the trigger is gritty when new, but both my 9 and 40 have cleaned up quite nicely after putting 1000-1500 rounds through each.
Agreed. I bought my M&P 9mm on my 21st birthday (I'm 23 now) and have put countless rounds through it. Tight patterns, controllable recoil (which is a plus, considering I'm a scrawny guy), and VERY comfortable. I have fairly large hands, but the medium backstrap works great for me.

I chose M&P over Glock for ergonomic and comfort reasons. The Glock felt like a Lego block compared to the M&P. The higher capacity was also a plus, but I only keep 11+1 in it while carrying.

The lack of a thumb safety is a bonus for me. I can relate to Reedo and know how to keep my finger off the trigger unless necessary. I don't want something in my way if there comes a time to defend myself, my friends, or my family.
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