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Originally Posted by ewcmr2 View Post
Hopefully you will figure this out (so I don't have to) since I just swapped a 5-speed into my '04.

Your wiring made perfect sense until I started doing the swap and found my donor car had two clutch pedal switches. Both 3-pin. 0 4-pin switches...
On your 4-pin switch does pin-2 get energized when the pedal is slightly depressed and pin-4 when pedal is completely depressed? Pin-2 to ECU disengages cruise control and pin-4 to EWS allows car to start?

Added info for those to follow:
While looking for the pins/connectors to plug wires into the EWS and ECU I found that BMW used the same parts on many connectors on the car. The ones I used were from the E36 rear reading lights!
It would seem strange that there were two, three wire switches on your donor car but I certainly haven't seen it all. I explained the pins on the clutch module in detail on page two.

To simplify the four wire clutch modules switch:

Pins 1 and 3 are power wires to energize the hall effect sensor*
Pin 2 sends a signal to the ECU when the clutch is fully depressed
Pin 4 sends a signal to the EWS or engine immoblizer so that the car can be started when the clutch is fully depressed

I know that in one of the other write-up's they installed both the four wire, and the three wire switch. The three wire switch was wired to the ECU (along with pin 2 of the four wire switch) and is unnecessary if you're installing the four wire switch. If you install both it will work but you are just paralleling the other circuit making it redundant.

The three wire switch was superseded by the four wire switch. It could be that for a period of time before the four wire switch was introduced that one of the three wire switches was meant to signal the ECU and the other to signal the EWS, independently.

*A hall effect sensor is a proximity sensor that detects a change in a magnetic field and varies voltage output accordingly.

Originally Posted by brosive05 View Post
This is honestly thee most thorough and amazing write up I have read thus far. Great Job.
Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully others can follow this and it gives back to the community.

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