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I'm going to be trolling around the Vert forum for a week or so.

Hello Convertible forum!

I'm crazy about my BMW, I put 20,000 in the last 6 months, and its never broken on me. Probably from my intense attention to detail on every part of the car. Part are replaced with even the slightest sign of failing, or if they are past there recommended mileage. (I would rather replace a 80 dollar water pump early then have plastic chunks up in the motor)

I have some friends that admire my BMW so much they decided to buy 2001 Vert and it needs allot of work but the price for the car was right. Its a 330cic manual in red w/sport package and not at all modded. The convertible top looks new, works perfectly and the diff bushing, RTABs, tensioner, and idler where thrown in and installed to sweeten the deal. Also the body is perfect on it.

Its pretty much 4k under what a nice one is worth, But needs around $1500 in work done on it. Hopefully when we are done and if they wanted to sell it they can get above $10k for it.

Here is what we have ahead of us.

Passenger compartment (we just finished up)

Dice IPOD controller
Leather treatment (we were going to replace the seats but Lexol cleaner and conditioner cleaned them up )
Removed and cleaned the dash, center console seats, carpet, and door panels. (I think a soda exploded in the cab everything was sticky even the mirror sliders on the visors)
50 assorted clips and small covers / parts.


Valve cover gasket
Disa valve rebuild
Secondary air system valve
Top o2 sensors
4 engine cover clips


Vert compartment cover needs the sliders replaced
Trunk lid grip
Fog light cover/fins
Front skid plate/splash shield
Brakes checked


Water pump with metal impeller (have you seen the high flow sport pumps.. SICK!)
Expansion tank (has someone made a metal one yet?)
All pulleys / belts
Have the radiator checked and cleaned
New upper and lower hoses
Flush / replace all fluids
Oil filter gasket
Check valve tolerances
Check the CATs ( I have a camera scope COOL HA! )
Paint touch up, clay bar, and wax

I was very surprised because I started looking at what needed to be done and
though, dear god this is going to be 4 grand, But it seems all of these part are under $100 each and many are under $50.

For the amount of overlooked maintenance and neglect over the past few years the engine is very quite (except the DISA valve) and doesn't hesitate. Its throwing a p0411 secondary air system code but the fan still works.

Sense i'm doing all this if anyone needs any DIY's i'll be glad to take some pics and do some write ups on these parts. I know most of this stuff already has a DIY on it.

I know these cars are very reliable when the maintenance is done correctly on them. There are some old people in the local club with 250k+ miles on there e46s and they still look and run very well.

Any other ideas of things to do while i have it apart would be appreciated. I really want this car to run well past 200k for them and look good while doing it it has 130k on it now and sadly had been neglected.

Hahaha Long post.........
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