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DIY: Steering coupler/guibo

To start off, If you do anything to hurt or damage you or your car I am not to be held responsible. Proceed at your own risk.

Parts needed:
- steering coupler
Up to 4/2001- 32306752957
From 4/2001- 32301094703

^Part number 2 in picture above^

Tools needed:
- car ramps
- 12" socket extension
- 16mm socket
- 15mm socket
- 8mm socket or inverse torx
- 14" straight slot screw driver
- hammer
- Thread locker blue or red
- PB blaster
- #2 Phillips screw driver

lets begin....

1. Start by putting your car up on ramps making sure that your wheels are straight.

2. Lock your steering wheel in the straight position. This will stop you from wrecking your alignment.

3. Get under the car and remove the cover under the engine and the brace that goes across the car.
cover under engine-

Remove the screws and pop rivets

brace that goes under car-

There are 8 size 16mm bolts that hold this to the car.

Next we need to locate the steering coupler. The picture below was taken from the drivers side just behind the front tire.

4. You need to remove the 2 bolts on the steering coupler. This is where the 8mm socket or inverse torx come in. Also i found it helpful to have a 12" extension to get the wrench to where there is more room to turn.

The bolts look like this

5. Once the bolts are remove spray PB blaster on the coupler where it connects to the steering rack.

now let the PB blaster do its job

6. Next is where the big a$$ straight slot screw driver comes in handy. Take the screw driver and hammer and hit the coupler up toward the steering wheel. This takes a lot of effort and you can also move the steering rack if it helps for you, to remove the steering rack, take out the 2 15mm bolts that hold it to the car.

Big A$$ screw driver

The steering column is telescopic so it will move up as you hit the coupler off the steering rack.

7. Now that the old coupler is off we can clean up the spot where we sprayed the PB blaster then reinstall the new one. Make sure we put thread locker on the bolts before putting them back.

When putting the coupler back, the side that hooks to the steering rack has a slot that fits in the coupler so that you cant mess up your alignment. Also the side on the steering column has a notch in it where the bolt slides through.

Old vs. New-

Install is just the reverse of above.

Make sure to let the thread locker dry properly and then you can take your car out and enjoy nice, tight steering again.

Now enjoy some-

I do not condone drinking and driving so make sure you enjoy this AFTER you have test drove your car.

Go easy on me this is my first DIY write up!

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