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Originally Posted by honky View Post
I'm not sure which gen you have; but I recently picked up a G27 Gen4 with the replaceable back straps.

1. No back strap, Short frame
2. Medium 2mm back strap, Standard frame (equivalent to the size of a Gen3)
3. Large 4mm back strap

I don't have the largest hands in the world either, but I like my grip on the short frame.

Although I've heard some murmoring of ejection problems on the Gen4s. Hasn't happened to me yet (knock on wood), but I also haven't put a lot of rounds through it.

And for the other pistol notes:

XD - Very nice, great trigger, fun to shoot.
The Gen4 actually still has a bulge on the backstrap. Not as big as the Gen3 (w/ no backstrap on the Gen4), but still there. I have done fine with my G27 actually, though I will likely get the grip reduction anyways (supposing I like it on my G34).
The ejection problems are from the original G17 and G22 put out for the Gen4 series. Glock put them out with the same recoil spring, which was obviously a very stupid mistake that was a poor calculation on their part. All of them put out now have a spring commensurate with the caliber.

Originally Posted by bwallace530 View Post
Get the Sig saur, or beretta. Great guns.

The glock .45 ate the hell outta my knuckles. Guess the saying with glock is right. Either you love them or hate them no in-between.

Go to you local gun shop and shoot a few see what you will like.
Yeah, I'm not sure what you mean about the knuckles.
But it is true- they're like the Beatles. Love em or hate em.
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