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Originally Posted by vamusclebuilder View Post
I dont know of any positions around Louisville, but I worked at a Mercedes-Benz dealership in VA for 5 years and can say that service would probably be better for long term growth. I worked in service then moved to sales. Sales has a tendency to wear people out both physically (long hours) and mentally (bonehead buyers). With service you still have to sell repairs, but it's definitely easier, and you have set hours. That's just an opinion from my experience. Are you looking at luxury dealerships or mainstream?
Thanks fir the response. Definitely looking at Audi, BMW, etc type dealerships. I may start in sales either way just to get in the door and then move where I want to go. Im just so bored with my day job. I'm actually building savings up just in case a new job doesn't work out and I have room to find another.

I would love to work on BMWs and Porsches all day, but you need STEP or PTAP training and they are not in Kentucky
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Class of '03, yet you're still an idiot. Whats your point? Do you really think that you're somehow a god because you joined a site before someone else? ****ing nerd.
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