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ATF DIY vs the local dealer.

I've enjoyed reading this thread in regards to BMW's B***S**T theory on their "lifetime" Fluid. About 10K miles back, around 80K Miles the 2006 330ZHP started getting a little funky on the shifting and was also making a "Growling Noise". The better half dropped by the dealer (we have probably the WORST RIP OFF DEALER in the country, here in Bend, Oregon!) and they drove it around the lot and told her it was time for a $7,300.00 transmission! AND they told her it was going to be an additional $2,300.00 for a new rack an pinion steering gear!

She called me and I told her to take it home and "park it".

Couple days later, I'm back in town and decide to service the transmission myself. Not much to lose I figured.....A few hundred bucks and if it's still FUBAR - then it's transmission time.

Lucky for me, I was able to procure a T-Tech Trans Flush Machine (BTW - I'm a total gearhead on this end - have to have my toys in my home shop)

Dropped the pan, cleaned it out, installed new filter, buttoned it up and topped off the trans with Red Line D4. Next, I loaded up the T-Tech with the 18 quarts of D4 and hooked up. The trans cooler lines are a snap! Just push then on a little further, then reach up and gently push the plastic clips up into the hose to release and pull the line off. "Voila" - you are unhooked. Very similar in design to ford Fuel Injection lines. Did the flush of the trans.

Next, I unhooked the return line to the Power steering reservoir and did a 7 quart flush there. Fluid exchanges QUICKLY, so be johnny on the spot to crank the wheel from stop to stop a couple times to flush all the old out. Again, Used Red Line for this.

Ever since this was done, all transmission issues have vanished, steering is perfect and quiet.

All in All, I spent the following:

T-Tech Trans Machine from Craigslist: $500.00
3 Cases of Red Line D4 ATF @ $120.00/case: $360.00
Trans Filter Kit from ECS Tuning: $24.00
Total Expendature for this project: $884.00


RESOLD the T-Tech on Craigslist for: $1,000.00.

FOUND 2 More T-Tech on Craigslist for: $250.00 each for a total of $500.00. Sold One for $500.00 and am keeping the last one for my home shop!

So with a little patience, perseverance and wheeling and dealing, I was able to service the vehicle (as well as several of my other vehicles) with little to no cost out of pocket.

Had I listened to the service vultures here at Carerra Motors here in Bend, I would have shelled out $9,600.00

So my advice? If at all possible, if you can do this stuff yourself - DO IT! Not sure what to do? Just do the posting and asking. Great DIY articles in here and a great BMW Community.

If you are a CCA member, make sure to get included in the "Friends of BMW" directory with the club. It's really neat to find people who live in your area with expertise that you can get to know through the club.

For those of you who live up around my area, look me up. I'm the "Central Oregon Regional Events Coordinator" (Translation - "A Highly Paid Volunteer Position!) for the newly formed BMWCCA Oregon Chapter! .....
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