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Anybody ever keep track of all the various options for everything? Mine originally came with 3 memory setting fully adjustable power seating with heat, but no lumbar support. My daughter's is the same but with lumbar adjustment and no heat. (She's trying to convince me to swap. I'm trying to convince her to buy me a five point harness racing seat, and then I'll give her mine.)

Sometimes I think it's third shift and Gunther shouts out, "Hey, ve haf nicht lumbar buttons" and his manager replies, "Too bad, just leaf it out and keep the line goink!"

The original owner (OO?) purchased the car with a hard top that's now lost in the black forest somewhere. So, it took me awhile to realize that the "extra" hardware and electronics kit y'all had to add is already on my car.

(And I still don't know what frggin audio amplifier I have.)
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