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Originally Posted by stanleylivaldi View Post
Kevin @VMR, i'm planning to get BBS LM DBK Replica, The specs for the front is 19x8,5 et38 and for the rear is 19x9,5 et35. I also planned to get 235/35 tires for front and 245/35 for the rear one. will it cause problems on the rear side? i dont mind if i do a bit of fender rolling, i'm a bit confuse because the seller kept saying it will fit well on my e46 sedan. thanks in advance

PS : Already dropped my car with eibach pro kit springs
Those fronts will fit no problem, but the rears may need some fender rolling. It's hard for me to say how much work is necessary in order to fit them since every car is different, but with that tire size you should have extra clearance. We generally recommend a 265/30/19 for coupes and 255/30/19 for sedans to put that into perspective. The wheels are probably the correct bolt pattern, in which case the seller is right when he says they will "fit", however the sizing is not really recommended for your car.
Originally Posted by 2003330i View Post
I just bought a set of 19 inch vmr 715 staggered. Tires are Kuhma Ecsta SPT235/35 and rears are 255/30. offset is 38 and 45 in the rear. my suspension is kw2's. I installed the wheel and tires and my rear left tire is rubbing.
Now my question should I just dial up the suspension and roll my fenders or will I be okay just rolling the suspension. Keep in mind that my drop with the suspension was an inch at the most.
I would get an alignment before anything and then see if you need rolling still. Once you've determined how much rolling you need to do, go from there. If you play with the height too much you'll have to get an alignment anyway so if you like the height I would suggest doing so if you haven't already. We only guarantee rub free fitment at stock height but if your rubbing isn't too bad some fender rolling should solve it.
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