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Originally Posted by ArchHibb View Post
It's the best $1200 investment in top protection you can buy if you live in a climate with snowy winters. The soft top is spared not just snow & ice, but also all the salt and sand, and it doesn't get any UV exposure while "parked" in its compartment with the hardtop on. As for installation & removal, its a snap. 4 catches, 1 in each corner lock it in place. Although slightly bulky in size, my wife and I can easily lift it on and off. Removing the whip antenna or getting a stubbie makes on/off sooo much easier. And finally, parked on its stand, it takes up no more room than an average size sofa. Get one and I'm sure you'll agree.
Hey thx ArchHibb. I do not live in a cold, snowy, or salty-road climate (actually dry area of BC where we have vineyards, orchards, etc). I just like the look of the hardtop. In fact, it really doesn't make any sense for me to have one, cause I drive a winter beater Nov-Feb, & park the 'vert. BUT, I do plan on getting one (have to finish my late-payment-due taxes 1st). I sure have found a vast range in hardtop prices. I truly don't understand why the 'vert hardtop hasn't come down in price proportional to the price of E46's themselves. The hardtops I found are around $1200-1400, although I found a couple on ebay for $2500 & $3000 which never sold. I wonder if the hardtop would come down under the 1k mark? I have found only 2 which did, a give-away $400 one which was snapped up, & an even $1000 one also snapped up. I wonder if the prices of these will ever come down to $500-800 in next 2-3yrs? (opinions?)
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