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This may sound a bit odd, but I have seen several cars in the past, long after the owners have spent big money replacing bushings, ball joints, tie rod ends, etc. etc. and still couldn't fix the issue. I'm not saying this is the issue, but if all the parts are good, here is a possible explanation.

There are manufacturing tolerances and a single suspension pickup point may be within tolerance, but stack several of these points together (a condition known as tolerance stacks) and then the final point, where the tire hits the road, may be out of spec. If you'd like more details, Wikipedia has a good article.

So basically, the LCA length could have a tolerance of +/- .25", the bushing hole needs to be in the center to make this an accurate measurement and the tolerance there may be +/- .1", you keep all these variables going (there are about 20 additional points that effect the rear suspension based on my quick math) and if everything is on the high side, or low side, you might honestly not have enough adjustment. So unless the engineers have given you enough adjustment to account for the total tolerance stack, you can't adjust it all out.

Does this make sense?

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