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Originally Posted by QuotedFive View Post
Manual's are for kiddies trying to impress school girls, Auto's win races...

Anyways this stand alone computer for the trans you're talking about... lol

Who's tuning the car? Any idea on final gear ratio? I want to see how this comp works to calcualte slippage from the tq converter to compensate for over reving of the motor to achieve proper shift points. I'm curious to see how a "stand alone" trans comp is going to be able to do these calculations without talking to the main ecu. I mean you do realize your never going to get the speed of an smg shift even on a manual valve body trans. Auto's can shift extremely fast with pre set shift points. I'm curious to see the timing on these shifts with this "controller" your talking about.

What are you using to engine management? Stock gte ecu won't do manual shifts on an auto, at least not well to say the least. Ive never heard of this trans controller. Does it piggy back of the main ecu or do you need a full out standalone ems? Haltech, AEM? Please tell me your not using Map Ecu...

Anyways good luck! Thats one way to solve the Vanos issue lol.

Im running an SAFC II, i heard of people using map ecu wuts the problem with those lol......
ive never driven a SMG but heres a suprastick video. I dont think his tranny is built.

A built a340e transmission ( billet gears, high pressure valve body, lightened accumulators and forward piston) the shifts are insanely fast when the trannys shifting on its own, I mean its like push down the gas pedal and hold on for your life when the 30lbs of boost kicks in!!! the auto holds boost through all gears, the closest thing i can compare it to is a take off in a 747/737 airplane lol. And I was launching with the stock stall converter with i think is like 1800rpm with an open diff. Weir dialing in the boost to around 38lbs, i cant imagine launching with the 3800rpm mutidisc lockup converter in full boost of the line with the new lsd. Im gona need some sticky drag radials.

This is one company but there are more, like level 10 and PCS....still debating


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