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Originally Posted by jc05e46m3 View Post
I think this is a great write-up. I am in the military myself and I CC a Glock 23. Another point to drive home to people who intend to CC is that tactical shooting and moving are perishable skills and must be practiced often to stay familiar with the physical and mental motions.
Originally Posted by Reedo302 View Post
One of the biggest obstacles is with actual employment of the weapon in a realistic manner. I know a lot of people who can shoot at paper and think that's enough. They don't practice their draws from their CCW holsters, they don't use holsters that work well, and they don't practice the aforementioned skills of tactical shooting and moving. Many people do this stuff, but many don't.
There are other skills that are also important. Yelling verbal commands and warnings, and performing 360 scans to identify or eliminate more potential threats.
our local range has very simple and traditional straight lanes and no where to really train tactically like this. I know people with private land that and i have a guy that will show my stuff he learned while in PD. but we are waiting for the weather to break.

Are there any special videos or anything you recommend for people like me that dont have any facilities to train in/at?

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