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Originally Posted by vivid02 View Post
They got android market access....that's nice. A lot of cheap china tablets don't have market access unless u hack it on.
I dont know......I cant seem to sign into the google market, network error, like its trying to access through a cell network instead of the wifi network, although a third party program seems to work fine....however I dont know what I am doing so who knows! Ill talk to dynavin to see what the best way to get apps on this thing is going to be.

EDIT: time/date bug was causing a bunch of issues. Firmware updated, problem solved.

Originally Posted by deadpass View Post
Is this running 2.3? That's the gingerbread launcher but it could just be skinned, I used a gingerclone 2.2.1 rom on my phone. Also, google maps has the ability to cache a gps route and use it offline, I imagine that feature is remains with this version? I believe it was implemented with Google Maps version 5. I would gladly pay 100 bucks extra to get the android nav, I'd pay 200 more for the whole unit to run on android.
Its 2.2. Yes I think google maps does cache with this thing, I got one in my car yesterday and used the nav, I was also playing with my phone's wifi hotspot at the same time and noticed it was maps was still functioning although the maps was ...greyed out and zoomed out....simplified without sat photo detail, ill have to play around some more with this to figure out how it works.

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