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Originally Posted by Spyder_Venom View Post
It is the luck of the draw on where within the tolerance the each part comes. Every single part that comes off the line gets check to a +/- range. If all of them wide up on the + side, this stack could cause the issue. The odds of that happening are quite low (or if engineered correctly, impossible).

Do your do-diligence checking the parts, but if everything is still out, I'd chalk it up to stack and not let it bother you. It is possible nothing is actually wrong. There are corrective bushings, plates, etc. that one can purchase to give you adjustments beyond the factory ranges, you just might need one. A good alignment shop should be able to suggest the right solution.

thank you for that insight! I would to have to deal with it because the car does drive oddly now so I will as you suggested do my due diligence on the issue with hopes that I will not waste too much money.
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