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Hello Guys

I'm been a lurker here for a while as i am a (gasp!) Audi A3 owner and recently purchased a Dynavin for my car and am anxiously looking forward to an android version (eventually). However i wouldn't mind helping with this for the android testers.

I have a question and also i have some information:

1) Android is software, not i don't know why there isn't a way to get android on the Win CE units. Now if the hardware itself isn't compatible with Android that's a different story but even then i don't know how it wouldn't be. Can you elaborate on this?

2) Getting android to connect to an ad-hoc network is virtually impossible without rooting your phone and in this case, the dynavin unit. For Jeff, rooting is like jailbreaking your iphone. You need to root the phone and install some files that allow the ad-hoc connection. Natively Android SEES the ad-hoc wifi network but it also natively (dumb decision here) won't show it in your network list OR allow you to connect. However with a rooted device and applying a patch it will work. Until this happens you WILL have to install a standalone GPS app.

^^ To expand on 2 above, android on this device without being able to connect to your phone via ad-hoc is gonna suck.


Jeff did you see if the device gives you root access? I'm doubting it though.


Looking forward to helping with this.
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