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the hardware is from is android specific...totally different than the hardware on the windows can not run on the dynavin windows hardware...WinCE works but (in tech terms) it is OLD and its hardware is needs newer faster beefier speculation necessary.

As far as root access goes, I dont know what im looking for but I have been through every menu and it is all standard stuff. How to root it....thats up to you guys.

As far as the ad hoc wifi thing goes....I upgraded my iphone yesterday and all is well.

OFF TOPIC: Jim 0068.....I had an 07 Audi A3 2.0 turbo DSG Sline......absolutely fantastic car. I sold it a couple years ago though....had a baby, bought a bigger house, bigger car for the wife and baby, and the economy fell off the cliff all at the same time and I had too much money tied up in cars, thats how I ended up with an BMW E46, and how I ended up here, interesting where the forks in the road take you....

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