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If you figure out how to get Market working, can you please install Android System Info and take as many shots as you can of the information on the "System" tab? I'd like to know what hardware we're dealing with here so we can get an idea of what the performance will be like.

I'm so pleased to see this too. I have long been eyeing Dynavin units, but Windows CE is just so limiting. Android opens up a ton of possibilities, so I love that my vehicle is the first to have a proper OEM-looking option for in-dash Android (even beating Saab's upcoming OEM unit). Here's hoping that the interest expressed in this thread turns in to enough sales to convince the makers to put this in to production fully.

The only complaint I can see so far as already brought up is the touch screen. Almost all of us who have Android devices are used to multitouch, so using the same software both with and without it would be very hard to get used to. I guarantee that a number of people will try to pinch zoom in Google Maps and get frustrated when it doesn't work.

e: Also please pass on to any relevant contacts that equipping it with an unlocked or unlockable bootloader can never do harm and will likely mean better support for their platform since it'll be much easier for hobbyists to improve the ROM. I bought my Evo because it was the most feature-laden rootable phone on the market at the time. I know I'm not the only one who does this, and anyone who cares what OS their head unit is running likely thinks like I do.
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