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Too bad its in California

Still going to contact the owner about some things

Originally Posted by guerilla twang View Post
Did the DME tune somehow enable this, or did you have something else installed?
DME tune enabled it

Originally Posted by PerkM3 View Post
Car runs great. Shift lights are kinda cool. It's hard to explain what the difference is, up top the car just never stops pulling and in 2nd I have to be way lighter on the throttle. Normally when shifting from 1st to 2nd I would get a tiny bit of wheel spin but now I just spin until I ease of the gas. Can't wait to get on the dyno.
I can do a rolling 2nd gear burnout sometimes with a hard 1-2 shift, but with only one wheel, I suspect, and with cold tires.

It seems our experiences with ECU tunes are similar. Hard to explain the difference, but definitely running better.

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