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Originally Posted by Andy2108 View Post
Most noticeable change on my car was the throttle mapping. I went between oem and shark a couple times. Oem was clearly more "touchy" and the shark was more "numb". On initial change, I would rather the sporty oem, but the sharks really is better for throttle modulation at cruising speed.

Also, when letting off the throttle in 2nd and 3rd gear, the shark is much "smoother" to let off the gas and begin engine braking. With the oem maps the little jerk was very noticeable to passengers, now its nearly transparent if not completely.
I feel ya. I wont know for sure how good the tune is until I get on track again but on the street I cant find anything wrong with it. With the free flow exhaut the car runs much smoother. Throttle is perfect, I hate the twitchy oem throttle it sucks on track. I'm just looking forward to seeing the dyno and most of all see where I pick up time on the track. I may run my 19's with street tires next track day just so I can compare.
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