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Originally Posted by zx5rider View Post
Why are some of them burnt looking? Never seen that. First time with these plugs.

Can you see the that the blades look like something has been chewing on the edge? Is this normal?

Can't wait to see it finished.
The brownish plugs indicate a proper burn , white plugs indicate high temperatures which kills an engine.

As for the turbo blades looking wierd , i dont see anything :S
If you're refering to the blades looking as if they were razorblades it's perfectly fine

What are you having done at the shop ?

Swapping pistons is something you can DIY(As you've already pulled the engine apart ^^)
Im leaving my head/ block to a shop for honing the cylinder walls/resurfacing the head everything else i'll diy

Oh and remember to redo the valve gaskets , while you have the head apart that is

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