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Originally Posted by Diarmaid View Post

2000 M43 engine 1895cc petrol. Anyone have a similar noise coming from their E46/E36 and know the fix?
Is it the hydraulic lifters or the timing chain tensioner?
It makes this noise when the engine is cold and right up untill it reaches normal temperature. It fades in and out sometimes untill it reaches normal temperature.
It clears temperarally after I rev to about 3500rpm.
Oil used - 0W40.
Tried additives before but they don't work anymore.
I'm finding more and more people with an M43TU like myself on here Mind if I add you?? Trying to keep a database of people ...

Get yourself a gardening hose and use it as a stethoscope to try and find where it is loudest ...

This is my thread

I don't think that's your problem, but I'm willing to bet if you put your hand on your Tappet Cover you should be able to feel it ...
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