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Originally Posted by zx5rider View Post
Okay will do now.

So I just came from the machine shop and was talking to them about the engine.

1. They told me they need the pistons, mainly the rings to finish the block. Does that sound right? I'm really with remembering sometimes, but it has to do with the gap on the rings where the ends come together.
2. They also wanted to know how much boost I was planning on running(told them around 15psi) and the compression ratio.
They are asking the right questions.

They will need the pistons, rings, rod bearings, main bearings, rods, and the block that you've provided already.

Most important, you need to tell them the power you plan to make, (Sounds like around 500 crank hp) and what oil you will be using. The reason is that the more power you make, the more the rings will expand as they transfer that heat to the cylinder walls. There is a general formula for how much ring clearance X bore size X power. The oil type will help them make sure the bearing clearances are right when they check them all prior to final assembly.

For the machine work and clearancing, they will need the following torque values when working with fasteners:

Rod bolts: 5nm, then 20nm, then 70 degrees

Main bearing cap bolts: 20nm, then 70 degrees

Last, your pistons will be lighter, so it's advisable to have the crank balanced to compensate for this.

I would also highly suggest an ATI Super Damper for your engine, as well as one of Greg's oil pumps.

What head studs/bolts are you planning to use again?

As a point of reference, I pay around $2k for a block to be machined and assembled, and to have a head stripped down, blueprinted, and re-assembled. That's just machine work and labor. The parts being used are extra....
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