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Brake fluid change indicator reset

I've just changed my brake fluid and want to reset the indicator that comes up on the dash (the little clock symbol).

I tried following the instructions from here:

1. Ignition key to position 0 (off)
2. Hold trip meter button (the left button)
3. Ignition key to position 1. The display will show: "test 1"
4. Keep holding the trip meter button until the the display shows: "reset inspection" or "reset oilservice"
5. Release the button
6. Press and release the tip meter buton once. The Display will show the square clock symbol and the month the fluid change is overdue on. I can't remember if the date format was mm.yy or
7. Press and hold the trip meter button until the display is showing a flashing "reset". Then release the button. "Reset" will keep flashing.
8. Presss and release the trip meter button once. The display will show the square clock symbol and the month for the next fluid change in 2 years time in the format mm.yy or
9. Press and hold the trip meter until "End" is displayed
10. Let go of the button and turn ignition to 0 (off). The clock symbol will not show again until the next fluid chnage is due
However, step 4 never happens. I get "test 1" shown in the display, then keeping it held just makes it go back to the normal odometer/trip counter, then back to "test 1", then the normal odometer/trip counter and so on.

Has anyone successfully managed to do this? From what I gather, steps 1-5 should be the same as resetting the inspection/oil service if anyone has done that. Car is a 1999 E46 328 if it makes any difference.


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