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Originally Posted by xi_ter View Post
You can put some Form-a-Gasket on both sides of the paper gasket.

There is a lot of splashing in the rear tower.
I considered that but was worried I would have a hard time removing the paper next time I take it all apart. (It could be stuck in the underside of the shock tower?)
It would probably do the trick though.
Has anyone tried it?

Small update:
I drove 30 mins. in rain yesterday morning, water was all over the mounts after.
I drove 30 minutes in rain 5 hours later, there was NO leak!
The only difference between the two drives was the morning ride had 8 or so really fast left/right sweeping turns & offramps. Rain was about the same - heavy.
Today, 15 minute drive in light rain, only driver side wet a bit. I would love to watch the mounts work from the trunk while driving.
Anyone see something obvious in the pics?

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