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I'm bored at work so I've been looking at things to do in Cooperstown. I've found a few things that look promising, I am going to check them out Friday to see if they deliver. To give a rough idea of what I'm thinking: I figure we can meet up in Cooperstown if I can find a place photogenic enough or one of the local parks around the lake. After we get enough shots, we'll cruise around the lake then get something to eat and hang out. Two notable places that I've been looking at to eat (mainly because I'm craving BBQ at quarter after 3) are:

Redneck BBQ

Brooks BBQ

Brooks BBQ I have been to and can vouch for but it's closer to Oneonta. Upside the drive will be extended. Downside the route to get there is not that enjoyable, but we may be able to work around that if you decide that's what we want to do. Redneck BBQ I've heard great reviews about, it's in Cooperstown and they have live blues bands every once in a while.

Those are just some ideas for now. On to the other question regarding a caravan to Eurofest, I'm in. That falls on my off weekend and I'm not missing it. I'm ranting....
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